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How "Acquire The Taste... To A Healthy Lifestyle" Was Born

Years ago, I was talking with a friend about nutrition and she asked me "what does soy milk taste like". 

I responded "it is an acquired taste". That is when the concept of "acquiring a taste to a healthy lifestyle" was born. Be it as it may, there are better milk alternatives then soy milk, but like I said, that was a long time ago.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a personal choice that we make. Some leap into it and others take gradual steps towards it. Either way we acquire new habits, new tastes, new perspectives, that help lead us toward a healthier lifestyle. 

It has become my passion over the years to educate as many people as I can in how to acquire these goals, and to provide guidance along this path. 

Learning what eating healthy really means is the first step, but it is not only what we put in our bodies. 

Our mental and emotional health is not to be taken for granted. Nurturing our inner beings is just as important as feeding our bodies with nutritious foods. And what ties the two together is building a strong body through physical activity, which is proven to benefit our well being in all aspects of our lives. 

Our bodies are made up of billions of cells, each requiring different vitamins and nutrients to thrive. 

It is empowering to know that we can make choices that can drastically improve our health and well being. 

The key is to want it, to believe that it is possible and to be willing to commit to taking the steps no matter how small, toward a healthier lifestyle, without allowing fear to conquer what we are so worthy of acquiring. 

My mission is to help as many of you who want to make changes, who want to learn and lead healthier, happier lives, achieve your goals!